PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH is a member of the PVA TePla AG group located in Westhausen, Germany.

       The company develops advanced technology developments in scanning acoustic microscopy and provides innovative analytical solutions for applications in material science, biology, inspection of solar and semiconductor systems, as well as for defect analysis in ingots for the production of wafers and MEMS systems

PVA TePla Analytical Systems designs and manufactures unique transducers using proprietary thin film technology

PVA TePla Analytical System’s has an extensive global network with laboratories in Europe, US and Asia with after sales and application support

Products Lines

- SAM Lines – AM 300/SAM 300/SAM 400/SAM 450

- SAM Premium Lines – SAM 1000/2000

- SAM Wafer Lines – SAM 300 Auto Wafer

- SAM Auto Tray

- Auto Ingot

- SAMnalysis

Customization specialized hardware solutions

- Rotation Scanner/ Active AutoFocus

- Spin Dryer/Water Circulation System

- Dual Tray Scan/Quad Wafer Scan

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